Develop a new drug for someone Who might be suffering somewhere in the world.



    Let's open up new markets and revenue streams by predicting more than one promising indication for a drug candidate at the early development stage. We are a specialized discovery team with novel technologies and unique massive bio-pharmacological data resources for discovering hidden possibilities of drugs.


    Two major causes of failure in clinical trials are lack of safety (~45% failure rate in Phase I) and efficacy (~65% failure rate in Phase II). A synergistic drug combination increases the efficacy of the therapeutic effect and reduces toxicity as a result of decreased dosage. Using our unique Multi-Strategy Drug Repositioning System, we will find the most synergistic drug partner that will target multiple pathological networks with your drug.


    In the process of researching for orphan diseases, one may come across the problem of a lack of information. That's where we step in. We can predict the pathological networks and suggest suitable drugs for diseases, on which you may have limited knowledge.


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Development of new drugs specialized for neurological disorders such as a stroke...Increasing the speed and efficiency of clinical trials by constructing own AI

[Interview of Bio CEO] CEO Jihyun Lee of DR.NOAH BIOTECH dreams of developing 'blockbuster'--going beyond the technology transfer of six pipelines[Medigate News Reporter Minji Seo] Neurological disorder is one of the complex disorders that are difficult to treat by controlling a single target. It is composed of complex mechanisms connected organically. A meaningful effect is achieved only by setting multiple targets. Considering such characteristics of the disorder, DR. NOAH BIOTECH is developing treatment with a strategy called 'combinatory drug.' The company is actively making use of the artificial intelligence (AI) platform developed to increase the efficiency of R&D pipelines.In add ...


The pharmaceutical industry is attracted by AI \"AI’s new medicine development occurs in succession.\"

AI allows the industry to save the time and costs of the new medicine development - competitive advantages in the marketDaewoong Pharmaceutical's subsidiary develops treatment for difficulty in hearing with an AI company specializing in new medicine developmentSK Chemical & Dr. Noah Biotech research and develop the AI new medicine together[Segye Biz = Correspondent Kim Min-ji] South Korea's pharmaceutical industry comes forward with new medicine development using artificial intelligence (AI) in full scale.If they use AI, they can drastically reduce the cost and time of research and development (R&D) for new medicine. The development of new medicine is a long-term project that requires more t ...


Dr. Noah’s “complex new drug for a stroke found by AI will have a clinical trial next year.”

"Doctor Noah will realize the possibility of developing a new drug using AI technology in the field of rare diseases."Lee Ji-hyun, CEO of Dr. Noah Biotech, said during the interview at the headquarters in Suwon. Dr. Noah Biotech (from now on referred to as Dr. Noah) is an AI new drug development venture. In particular, Dr. Noah's technology focuses on the discovery of complex substances fast. They also strive to develop their own complex for neurological diseases.They received KRW 1.5 billion funding in pre-series A in 2018 and KRW 4.5 billion funding in series A last August. It also attracted KRW 1 billion investment from JLK, which specializes in AI drugs. They have a short company history ...


Dr. Noah Biotech, SK Chemicals, AI-based new medicine development MOU

Build a pipeline for next-generation new medicine… Expected to develop treatments for incurable diseases through innovative new medicineDr. Noah Biotech (CEO Lee Ji-hyun), a company specializing in new medicine development based on artificial intelligence, announced on the 27th that it signed an "AI-based joint research and development agreement" with SK Chemicals.The main purpose of this agreement is to establish the pipeline of a next-generation new medicine through two companies’ cooperation and joint research based on the AI platform owned by Dr. Noah Biotech and ultimately develop an innovative complex drug.Dr. Noah Biotech is a startup that directly develops the treatment for neurolo ...


DR. NOAH BIOTECH CEO JI-HYUN LEE Giving Presentation at ‘THE AI KOREA 2020 Conference\'

DR. NOAH BIOTECH CEO JI-HYUN LEE gave a presentation titled Designing Drug Combinations for Orphan Diseases at ‘THE AI KOREA 2020 Conference’ held online on 27th.In its introductory remark, Ms. Lee said, "Our effort to incorporate AI technology into pharmaceutical development to increase efficiency and shorten the development period has continued up to now. In the global market, biotech companies, equipped with AI technology, are rubbing shoulders with multinational pharmaceuticals to develop new drugs with great success by attracting investment worth tens of and hundreds of billions of won. The country already saw more than ten AI companies jumping into the competition to bring a new drug ...


Dr. Noah Biotech, 4.5 billion KRW Series A “2 types of new drugs to undergo clinical trials next year”

Biospectator Journalist  Jongwon JangBNH Investment, KB Investment, POSCO Capital, and T Investment as participants… R&D starting with stroke and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis medicine as well as DMD and SMADr. Noah Biotech has succeeded in attracting investments of 4.5 billion KRW for Series A. With these investments, Dr. Noah Biotech will complete preclinical studies on its leading products, stroke and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) medicine, and will launch its first clinical trials next year. According to Dr. Noah Biotech on the 12th, KB Investment, POSCO Capital, and T Investment participated in the investment by taking over common shares under the lead of BN ...


AI technology-based system applied in rare disease treatment leads to the development of new treatments (Monthly People May 2020)

AI technology-based system applied in rare disease treatment leads to the development of new treatments Under a ‘pilot project to build bio-big data for all ministries,’ promoted by three ministries including the Ministry of Science and ICT, big data on genomic information, such as rare diseases, of 20,000 people is being established. With this, there is a growing interest in developing medicines for rare diseases. Dr. Noa Biotech, a drug development company that uses AI technology, continues to develop new drugs with focus on rare disease treatment through its own platform. ◆  Development of Rare Disease Treatment Using an Independent Platform DR stands for doctor, as well as " ...


Dr.NOAH publishes an article on AI-based target screening system in SCI-level international journal

A research paper titled "Structure- and Similarity-Based Prediction of Protein Targets for Drug-like Compounds," co-authored by a research team led by Professor Seok Cha-ok of Seoul National University and Dr. Noah Biotech, has been published in the SCI-level International Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. This paper introduces the technology that, when there is a new drug structure, can quickly screen the proteins that the drug is likely to combine, among the numerous proteins, and effectively predict the target protein. Two approaches are mainly used to predict the bonds between proteins and compounds, each with its own limitations. Ligand-based method relying on similarity ...


Dr.NOAH selected as an a small and medium-sized venture enterprise for innovative growth support project in the field of BIG 3.

Dr. Noah Biotech is a company dedicated to developing rare disease combinations using the AI system. It was selected as an SME venture enterprise for innovation growth support project. This project identifies promising start-ups and venture companies in the field of BIG 3 and grants up to 1.2 billion won for the commercialization or R&D funding, or up to 13 billion won per selected company for the policy funding or technology financing. Dr. Noah Biotech is focusing on developing its own treatment for neurological and muscular diseases by utilizing artificial intelligence technology in the world's first compound design system. It prioritizes the technology transfer of the newly discovered ...


Kainos Medicine signs a joint research agreement with AI new drug development company Dr. Noah Biotech

Predicting new drug structures through the AI platformExpected to build a new pipeline[Financial News] Kainos Medicine, a company pursuing a merger listing with Hana Financial 11th Special Purpose Acquisition Company, announced on the 25th that it will be developing new drugs using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.Kainos Medicine signed a joint research agreement with Dr. Noah Biotech, which is an AI-based new drug development specialist.In this joint agreement, Dr. Noah Biotech will provide the structure of substances optimized for the target disease. Based on this, Kainos Medicine plans to derive new drug candidates through matter synthesis and optimization.Kainos Medicine is c ...




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