Develop a new drug for someone Who might be suffering somewhere in the world.



Simply a better way for drug development


Time Savings1 Year

for prediction and experimental validation A cycle time of 6.5 years for a Drug Repositioning

Simply a better way for drug development


Cost Savings85%

compared to a de novo drug discovery

Simply a better way for drug development


Risk Reduction2.5-fold

higher success rate than conventional drug discovery (moving from Phase II to market)


    Let's open up new markets and revenue streams by predicting more than one promising indication for a drug candidate at the early development stage. We are a specialized discovery team with novel technologies and unique massive bio-pharmacological data resources for discovering hidden possibilities of drugs.


    Two major causes of failure in clinical trials are lack of safety (~45% failure rate in Phase I) and efficacy (~65% failure rate in Phase II). A synergistic drug combination increases the efficacy of the therapeutic effect and reduces toxicity as a result of decreased dosage. Using our unique Multi-Strategy Drug Repositioning System, we will find the most synergistic drug partner that will target multiple pathological networks with your drug.


    In the process of researching for orphan diseases, one may come across the problem of a lack of information. That's where we step in. We can predict the pathological networks and suggest suitable drugs for diseases, on which you may have limited knowledge.


Our Special Technology


Recent news & Event

Huons-DR.NOAHbiotech Co., Ltd. to Collaborate on New Drug Development Based on AI

Huons announced that it signed a joint R&D agreement on AI-based new drug development on Thursday with Um Ki-an and Lee Ji-hyun, CEO of DR. Noahbiotech, a company specializing in AI new drug development, at its headquarters in Pangyo, Seongnam.

The main purpose of the agreement is to build a new next-generation drug pipeline through mutual cooperation and joint research based on the AI system owned by DR.Noahbiotech, and ultimately develop a new innovative AI drug.

Huons has been making systematic preparations over the past year, maintaining continued business exchanges and cooperative ties with various AI companies at home and abroad for the development of ne


Opening up a YouTube channel on rare diseases.

The channel '희소식' provides an easy to understand and detailed information about rare diseases.

* "희소식" is an association formed by specialized start-ups that aim to develop treatments using data collected, collect patient information, and diagnose the causes of the disease.

For more information, visit : )


DR.NOAH Biotech.Co.,Ltd. to attract 1.3M dollar investment.

DR.NOAH Biotech.Co.,Ltd. recently received a total of 1.5 billion won from BNH Investment and LSK Investment. In particular, BNH Investments has been operating as an operator of 'Tips', a private-led technical start-up support program, and thus has be selected for the TIPS program.

Founded in 2016, DR. NOAH Biotech.Co.,Ltd. is a venture company that develops rare diseases using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Four former members of the Bio Convergence Research Group, including CEO Lee Ji-hyun, have set up a new business. Through artificial intelligence analysis platform, it finds and predicts effective drugs that will act on target diseases. This marked the attention of


DR. NOAH Biotech Co.,Ltd. Organized by Rare Disease Day in korea

The Rare Disease Day 2018 campaign will be held from around the world on the 28th anniversary of World Rare Disease Day. In Korea, Dr. Noah Biotech Co., Ltd. will carry out domestic campaigns with Korean representatives to help people with rare diseases.

World Rare Disease Day was first held in Europe in 2008 by EURORDIS and the National Commission and thousands of events around the world are being held on the last day of February every year with the participation of hundreds of thousands. The 11th campaign in 2018 is being held in 94 countries around the world and is under the slogan of "Show your rare, Show you care".


DR.NOAH Biotech.Co., Ltd. 'Rare Disease Research Alliance' will improve the recognition of rare diseases.

Three domestic healthcare start-ups have gathered their intentions for patients who are boiling as rare diseases. It is 3billion, Humanscape, and DR.NOAH Biotech. The three healthcare start-ups led by young representatives in their 30s formed the 'Rare Disease Research Alliance'. The association identifies the cause of the rare disease as a diagnosis of the patient's genome, and carries out a project to develop a therapeutic drug while helping the patient's healthcare based on the genomic data.

The alliance supports the entire process from genetic diagnosis to drug development for 30 people with "genetic diseases". I would like to hope that the rare disease patients wi




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