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NO Subject Writer Date Hit
14 DR. Noah Biotech’s phrase 1 drug candidate developed by AI 관리자 2021-08-02 677
13 New combinatory phrase 1 drug candidate, NDC-002, that helps reduce neuroinflammation and stimulate neuronal differentiation 관리자 2021-08-02 648
12 Development of new drugs specialized for neurological disorders such as a stroke...Increasing the speed and efficiency of clinical trials by constructing own AI 관리자 2021-04-23 963
11 The pharmaceutical industry is attracted by AI "AI’s new medicine development occurs in succession." 관리자 2020-12-21 1,230
10 Dr. Noah’s “complex new drug for a stroke found by AI will have a clinical trial next year.” 관리자 2020-12-21 1,299
9 Dr. Noah Biotech, SK Chemicals, AI-based new medicine development MOU 관리자 2020-12-21 1,215
8 DR. NOAH BIOTECH CEO JI-HYUN LEE Giving Presentation at ‘THE AI KOREA 2020 Conference' 관리자 2020-08-31 1,769
7 Dr. Noah Biotech, 4.5 billion KRW Series A “2 types of new drugs to undergo clinical trials next year” 관리자 2020-08-13 1,702
6 AI technology-based system applied in rare disease treatment leads to the development of new treatments (Monthly People May 2020) 관리자 2020-06-05 3,959
5 Dr.NOAH publishes an article on AI-based target screening system in SCI-level international journal 관리자 2020-06-05 1,578
4 Dr.NOAH selected as an a small and medium-sized venture enterprise for innovative growth support project in the field of BIG 3. 관리자 2020-06-05 1,348
3 Kainos Medicine signs a joint research agreement with AI new drug development company Dr. Noah Biotech 관리자 2020-06-05 1,272
2 Huons-DR.NOAHbiotech Co., Ltd. to Collaborate on New Drug Development Based on AI 관리자 2019-06-04 2,561
1 DR.NOAH Biotech.Co.,Ltd. Establishment of research institute. 관리자 2019-02-19 2,434