Smater, Faster, Safer

We Are Drug Designer!

Simply a better way for drug development

DR.NOAH Biotech is the next-generation pharmaceutical company that seeks efficient new drug development based on big data analysis medicine and artificial intelligence technology.
Based on the world's best drug forecasting technology, the company aims to develop the world's first treatment for rare genetic diseases.
The new Orphan Drug Market is a growing market and an area of high investment value.
There are more than 7,000 rare diseases, but more than 90 percent of them do not have proper drugs yet.
It would take more than 500 years to develop the new drug at the current rate of development for the rare disease.
But! DR.NOAH Biotech
will be able to complete the prediction of orphan drug within 3 months by utilizing the technology to complete the development of the medication in a short time more efficiently than the conventional method.

Vision / Mission

  • Development of effective new drugs based on Bio-pharmacological Big Data Analysis
    and Artificial Intelligence Technology.

  • For those who are sick somewhere in the world,
    let's make a new drug
    that's not anywhere else in the world.

Management philosophy

Focus on developing essential drugs for the world!

It ain't over til it's over, keep your faith!

The people who are now together are colleagues, not employees. Respect each other!


This is a wordmark-type C.I.
to express the liquid bio-industry by giving a whole variety of curves and variations.
A small circle was added to the upper right of the "O" of the "NOAH" to form the O-part as a cell. The small circle,
the middle color of blue and green, expresses stability and treatment.



It means the "doctor" who heals people and the abbreviation of Drug Repositioning.


The meaning of Noah in the Bible.
Right now, many people doubt the way we develop new drugs, but our path is right and meaningful,
and it means that we're going to develop new drugs through the ARK(Ark) system, and eventually we're going to help the world.