DR.NOAH Biotech has been around since its inception in January 2017.
We're constantly working on new drugs.

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  • FEBSigned a joint R&D agreement with Gradient BioConvergence Co., Ltd.
    NDC-026 (DMD) Patent Application (Korea)
    NDC-026 (DMD) U.S. FDA ODD completes RPDD application
  • JANMOU signed with NeuroDex Inc.


  • DECMOU signed with BioSolvix Co., Ltd.
    SF-Rx Patent Application (US)
    CombiNet Patent Application (PCT)
    NDC-011 (ALS) U.S. FDA Pre-IND Meeting
  • NOVSelection of Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the NeuroRG competition and joint R&D
    NDC-060 (Dementia) Patent Application (Argentina, Taiwan)
    CombiNet Patent Registration (Korea, two patents)
  • SEPPublished in Neurotherapeutics "Therapeutic Effects of Combination of Nebivolol and Donepezil: Targeting Multifactorial Mechanisms in ALS"
    NDC-060 (Dementia) Patent Registration (Korea)
    CombiNet Patent Registration (Korea)
    NDC-060 (Dementia) Patent Application (PCT)
    NDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) U.S. FDA Pre-IND Meeting
    NDC-011 (ALS) U.S. FDA approved for ODD
  • AUGNDC-011 (ALS) Patent Application (USA, Europe, Argentina)
  • JULNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Phase 1 clinical trials CSR completed
  • JUNNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Patent Application (Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia, India, China, Japan)
    NDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) / NDC-060 (Dementia) Integrated Patent Application in the United States
    NDC-011 (ALS) Signed FDC Development and Production Agreement with Global CDMO (Producer: United States)
  • MARNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Phase 1 clinical trials completed and Report termination to MFDS
    CombiNet Patent Application (Korea, two patents)
  • FEBNDC-011 (ALS) Patent Application (PCT)
    CombiNet Patent Application (Korea)
  • JANNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Drug administration for Phase 1 clinical trials in Korea


  • DECNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Patent Application (PCT)
    NDC-060 (Dementia) Patent Application (Korea)
    Signed consignment research contract with Vasthera Co., Ltd.
    NDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Recruitment of Phase 1 clinical trials
  • AUGNeuroRG Patent Registration (Korea)
  • JULNeuroRG PCT Application
  • MAYSeries B Investment completed (Gradiant, CKD, L&S, Yuantainvestment, and more)
  • APRNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Approved IND for Phase 1 Clinical Trial by MFDS (Korea)
  • FEBLaunching AI platform technology business (NeuroRG)
  • JANPatent application for candidate materials for SK Chemicals joint R&D (3 cases)


  • DECJoint Research Contract Amorepacific, Registers CombiRisk Patent (Korea)
  • AUGNeuroRG Patent Application
  • JULNDC-002 (Stroke Recovery) Submission of Phase 1 clinical IND of MFDS (Korea)
  • MARJoint Research Contract with Amorepacific