Dr. Noah Biotech, SK Chemicals, AI-based new medicine development MOU

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    2020-12-21 10:23:10
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Build a pipeline for next-generation new medicine… Expected to develop treatments for incurable diseases through innovative new medicine

Dr. Noah Biotech (CEO Lee Ji-hyun), a company specializing in new medicine development based on artificial intelligence, announced on the 27th that it signed an "AI-based joint research and development agreement" with SK Chemicals.

The main purpose of this agreement is to establish the pipeline of a next-generation new medicine through two companies’ cooperation and joint research based on the AI platform owned by Dr. Noah Biotech and ultimately develop an innovative complex drug.

Dr. Noah Biotech is a startup that directly develops the treatment for neurological and muscular disease using artificial intelligence technology. It is currently developing several internal pipelines such as “Stroke,” “ALS,” and “DMD” and aims to enter the global clinical workforce for the first time within a year. To achieve this goal, they succeeded in attracting Series A investment worth of KRW 5.5 billion this year.

Dr. Noah Biotech holds an AI-based independent platform technology called "ARK (an ark)" that integrates literature information, genetic information, and structural information to develop treatments. The biggest feature of this platform is the development of a complex. The CombiNet system is capable of predicting new optimal complex with superior synergy effects over a single drug. It is also known that the CombiRisk system can predict side effects between the two drugs.

Using these techniques, they are constructing a new combination of a complex and developing the complex new drug. The company's goal is to drastically reduce the time and cost required for the early development of treatments and help patients suffering from intractable diseases by becoming Korea’s first company that develops AI new medicine to enter clinical trials.

"I am happy to enter into joint development with SK Chemicals," said Lee Ji-hyun, CEO of Dr. Noah Biotech. "ARK platform, which has been verified by the internal pipeline so far, and SK Chemicals' rich experience and infrastructure in developing new medicine will meet to create great synergy."

"This agreement is greatly significant that the AI platform technology can be used to develop a new medicine," said Kim Jung-hoon, the head of SK Chemical's R&D center. "We expect it to be a breakthrough in the development of incurable diseases."

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