DR. Noah Biotech’s phase 1 drug candidate developed by AI

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    2021-08-02 14:31:58
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Dr. Noah Biotech’s phase 1 drug candidate for stroke patients submitted for an IND application as the first example developed by AI… Series B expected to be revealed this year 

On July 22, Dr. Noah Biotech submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) to demonstrate its new phase 1 drug candidate, ‘NDC-002,’ that helps recover from stroke developed by the artificial intelligence (AI) platform. With the AI platform, this bio-venture has focused on the development of new drugs specialized in neurological disorders. If the company obtains an approval of the IND application, ‘NDC-002’ would be regarded as the first example of the new drug candidate developed by AI in Korea.  

Dr. Noah Biotech’s NDC-002 provides an acting mechanism that reduces brain damages and accelerates the differentiation of damaged neuronal cells by reducing neurological inflammation. Any drug treatments are still not available for stroke patients who have undergone preliminary treatment. In fact, rehabilitation therapy is the only option they can rely on. Dr. Noah Biotech has been devoted to the development of combinatory drugs that help reduce the aftereffects of stroke and recover from the disease by utilizing its double mechanism. 

Dr. Noah Biotech has developed ‘NDC-002’ within the ARK platform. By applying the artificial intelligence system, it is designed to improve the efficiency of drugs in stages including the selection of new drug candidates, evaluation of the drugs' effectiveness and prediction of side effects. In addition, new combinatory drugs have been developed within the VLab and CombiNet system when new drug candidates are identified. 

The NeuroRG system is used to verify the effectiveness of new drug candidates by analyzing the changes of nerve cells presented with images in the research institute. Then, the side effects of new combinatory drugs are identified within the CombiRisk system just before they are involved in the final stage of the clinical trial. 

Jihyun Lee, CEO of Dr. Noah Biotech, said, “We have fully focused on the development of new drugs with AI technology,” and “we plan to complete the investment in series B this year, achieve the results from technology transfer through the pipeline and establish our own development process.”

By Journalist Choi Eun-su of thebell